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Permanent Hair Remover
Face Pack: $150.00  $95.00
Each Botle 8ml | Total 24ml
Body Pack: $188.00  $120.00
Single Large Botle 30ml
HairyCure's If you want to get rid of unwanted hairs then you have found the best product. The Natural Herbal Permanent Hair Remover, a best alternative to Laser hair remover. Most effective and stops hair re-growth permanently.
HairyCure's permanent hair remover can be used for facial hair and for all parts of the body. It is same effective for all type of hair. HairyCure is 100% safe without any harmful side effects. Made from all natural herbs extracts.

About 70% effect in one month on almost all hair types.

The Herbal Permanent Hair Remover is in fact a hair inhibitor, which inhibits hair growth permanently. It is 100% safe and has no harmful side effects. It is in oil form which should be applied and massaged gently after waxing.

It is useful for all types & color of skin, and suitable for all types & color of hair.
While laser is usable for some types of skin & color but not for all.

Thinner hair can be inhibited in 3 to 5 uses, while thicker hair may need about 8 usage.
The effect is permanent, it completely fill & block the hair roots, simulating the natural baldness. It even heals the acne and make the skin look more better.

The best harmless & painless low cost alternative to Laser hair removal. As you may know that laser is costly and harmful.